Pre Purchase Inspections for Land Rover in Wilmington NC

Used Land Rover Dealer Purchase in Wilmington NC

If you’re considering a used Land Rover dealer purchase, experts agree that used cars must be inspected BEFORE final negotiations in a dealership purchase or from an individual car seller.

For a completely unbiased professional opinion, a third-party vehicle inspector builds the "trust factor" missing by relying on the franchised dealer. A dealer is in the business of selling Land Rovers in Cape Fear region, not repairing them or doing pre-owned vehicle inspections.

Private Sellers of Land Rover vehicles in Wilmington NC

And if you’re a private seller of a Land Rover in Wilmington, does it enhance the sale to attach a Pre-Purchase Land Rover vehicle inspection condition report? This is especially true when it is completed by a ASE Master and Land Rover factory-certified technician with years of experience working specifically on Wilmington area Land Rovers. Euro-TEK Land Rover Repair is an independent repair shop and not affiliated or sponsored by JLR.

ASE Master and Land Rover factory certified technicians in Wilmington NC

Euro-TEK Land Rover Repair owners Richard Duvall and Greg Skelton have more years of experience that any Land Rover dealership technician. Before opening Euro-TEK Land Rover Repair, Richard had more than 13 years of Land Rover Dealership experience as a lead technician in a Wilmington NC dealership. Greg Skelton comes to Euro-TEK Land Rover Repair with over 24 years of automotive experience with the last 20 years focused on Land Rover dealership repairs. Greg is a Gold Certified Land Rover Technician.

Pre Purchase Inspections Land Rover Sales

With a good inspection you can solve one of the major problems in private-party Land Rover sales transactions… setting appropriate expectations. With a thorough pre purchase inspection you know what you’re getting when you’re car buying.  
A Land Rover buyer should look for a shop with the experience and specific model information to do a thorough inspection.

• Verifies the equipment, or options, on the Land Rover
• Confirms the condition level of the car.
• Reveals hidden problems with the body, frame or engine.
• Finds engine codes that can reveal engine problems.
• Builds confidence in the value of the vehicle.

A quality pre purchase Land Rover inspection can reveal:
• Frame damage
• Poor previous repair work 
• Smoker's car
• Flood-damaged car

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